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But today, Moncler Online Shop he did not understand people outside the curtain dialogue, he just felt scared, never had a fear. Mother is begging knees, her forehead have been knock out of the blood, why his father is still just the sight looked cold mother. Not everyone says his favorite mother?

“In order to Ling child, you must die!” My father just said a simple sentence, but he could not understand how.

Why is it for him? His mother was not hurt. He was about to curtain drilled from behind in Ann tightly Moncler Online Shop fastened his hands and mouth. Aberdeen sweating cold sweat, eyes full of pleading. He lies under the security presses, a move not move.

Two people dragged the mother out of the palace, the mother begged the original sound of sobbing, into a shrill cry: “Let me goodbye side …… Ling Ling child child, Ling child, Ling child ……

Mother forehead blood falls on the ground.

Drop, drop, drop ……

Cen penetration into the floor, Moncler Online Shop his heart became indelible traces his life.

That Xuexing Qi always floating in the large hall, and never floating in his nose.

Mother cried sometimes grief, sometimes desperate shrill voices in the darkness of the large hall, and the smell of blood, wandering beyond.
That drop of blood the more the more urgent, more fall more have flooded into his chest.

“Mother, not my fault! Not my fault ……

Was his fault, that he killed his mother, his fault ……

Ling brother, Ling brother ……jiggle with Zhao Yun Song Ling.

Zhao Ling shrink the whole person in a blanket into a ball, a cold sweat, but biting his lips, loudly refused to issue.


Zhao Ling woke up from a nightmare moment, the cloud pushes the song, “bold minions, who allowed you ……Moncler Online Shop and see a cloud song, see that he is sleeping in between the vast vast world of freedom, rather than the heavy shadow hall, he immediately received a voice, eyes gradually from lengli become confused.

Zhao Yun Ling push songs were sat down on the ground, but just rubbing ass, Xiaoshengdiwen: ? Do you nightmares.”

Zhao Ling will be looking at the depths of the night, did not seem to hear the words of the song clouds.

Cloud sat campfire song in their own carry purse, turned for a while to find out fired several jujube thrown into the water, until the water to boil, end to Zhao Mausoleum.

Zhao Ling staring at clouds singers cup, did not take meaning. Cloud song softly said: Moncler Online ShopAlthough the ugly color can be very good, jujube have a stable mind the role.”

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Cheap Moncler Outlet Sunny summer day, cicada bursts.

Year-old children in the study of hidden behind a curtain, a pair of black eyes staring out Smart.

Outside hurried footsteps, a woman gentle voice, “Ling child.”

Children under panic and immediately wanted to say anything to stop, can already be too late.

Only to hear the screams shouted, placed in a bucket above the door has been pushed open the door with the woman‘s actions turn, mixed with the ink black water bucket poured all women body. Drowning woman from head to toe into a black crow. Cheap Moncler Outlet  Side of the maid scared immediately knelt to beat one place.

Children’s personal attendants in Ann already scared limp to the ground, and my heart very much regret. His personal I just do, just learn to flatter, corruption just a little money, just touch a maid sister’s hand, do Tianduyingcai, do not give him a chance in the world I treacherous, it is necessary to kill him?

Children nervously pulling the curtain, mother love beautiful, this will certainly be finished!

Woman in the house doorway stood silently for a moment, not the beginning of the confidence and Jingnu have slowly turned it into a look of frustration, Cheap Moncler Outlet  Ling children, come out!”

Children from the curtain head out to explore a quick shake a bit, then shrink back, Azi my paintings to cut, I want to tease Azi, and I would endorse, will write, will listen to Mr. then, will not bully Azi, will ……

Woman walked in front of pediatric body, tugging at the collar of his children‘s clothes, pulling the curtain, forced to give the children a hug, rubbing his face again in a few of the children.
Cheap Moncler Outlet   Children getting scared, and finally stopped nagging mouth, lowered his head, “I was wrong.”

Women like to see him, suddenly laughed, for behind the maid told, What do you have knees? Yet to prepare a bath tub with a study to be the biggest.”

Little children who would have been fine clothing, then it is also covered in ink. He deflated lips, looking at his mother, his face resentment to themselves, the mother is certainly agreeable.

Since the age of three slip off once the water, he is the most hated in the tub in the bath. Women see his smile and kiss on his cheek next, is taking a bath, or collar penalty, his own choosing.”

Children was about to say collar penalty” to see the woman in the eyes wandering over safety, immediately droop under his head. Sure enough, the villain is also difficult to keep the woman, a very miserable people, but he has two, acknowledge your fate!


Many piles curtain, he had not found the mother hiding here, a peek inside the mother’s anxiety curtain;Cheap Moncler Outlet has also been hiding here, suddenly jumped out to scare off the mother and Azi; are willing to listen to Mr. when teaching hid over here ……

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Moncler Down Jackets Cloud song jumped camels, Zhao broken slave respectfully to laugh a ceremony, Zhao Shushu, cloud songs to you on behalf of Niangqin greeting.” And pointed to the camel’s back hung a drainage sac, “This is for Zhao Shushu of. “

The crowd did not wait for her to drop language, has been cheered, sweeping away the previous gloomy, laughter and said:. “Zhao Ye, you know you are our savior.”

Zhao broken slave boy took off a water balloon about to send, but found the cloud song has got its own bladders to teenagers, What is your name?”

Junior did not seem to hear the song of the cloud the issue, silence took bladders, silently drinking water. Moncler Down Jackets Others are kept in a cloud song thanks, but no thank you boy, and even a tribute eyes are not, look light to near indifference. Cloud songs, but he is not seen strange, but carrying his hands, his head thrown back, smiling at teenagers.

The boy handed back to the cloud when bladders song, saw her eyes curved like a crescent, and finally faint, said:. “Zhao Ling”

Cloud song immediately clear cry of Tomb brother”, with the world as a beautiful smile, never been so Huanguo Zhao Ling usual dark hearts speak, put a ray of sunshine.
A four year old children in the banquet center upright, his hands behind his chant book.

…… Des Voeux saints, elite Junior post, accusing him of enlightenment, the world cordial,Moncler Down Jackets  Ani Lok Yi Wan Min Jie, each obtaining appropriate action should the ceremony, calm middle so Confucius said:.” If the world will then Jen Wangzhai , what is called too. Yao reign of seventy carrier, are less favorable position to Zen Shun. Yao collapse, the world is not owned by Yao Zidan? Shun and go. Shun provision can not know, that place is the emperor to Yu relative, because Yao‘s assistant, following its traditional industry, is Chuigong inaction and world governance. Confucius said, ‘”Shao” make the United States men, but also to make good men‘, what is called too. as Yan Zhou, physical violence Guards , killing Yin know, residual thief people ……

Moncler Down Jackets  People on both sides of the gallery cheeky marvel, the name of the fruit of non-prodigy virtual pass. High above the old man sitting in it a rare smile and nodded.

Children memorized the book, just about as usual and flew into the arms of his mother, and immediately remembered the words of his mother repeatedly told beforehand, so an adult look to Zuo Yi salute, then straight backs, keep a straight face, Moncler Down Jackets step to the degree of the meal small Fangbu returned their position.

He saw no one noticed, immediately rushed to take credit for the mother made ​​a face, the side of the old man sitting on the side of his mouth laughing light mother nodded, motioned him to sit.

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Moncler Jacket Outlet Ding-dong, ding-dong ……

Accompanied Tuoling, the end of the desert, in the fiery burning gold, the group slowly float a green shadow.

Seven days no green man, a sudden and devastating intimacy, pale boy can not help but feel a little thirsty.

To be near when all the talent to see the little horse on white camel side sat a little man, but seven or eight years old, one green jersey, smiled and talked.

Everyone insisted neck look back, but then did not see anyone, a God-jun unusual camel, a cute elf girl, Moncler Jacket Outlet people speak a strange, sudden think many Western absurd legends, snow goddess, desert Vamp ……

The little girl smiled and waved to them, My mother let me take you out of the desert.”

Zhao broken slave asked: “Who is your mother a right on you??”

Little girl surprised and said: “My mother is my mother die on me how it!?” Patted camel, “I have bells, which are sent to my brother‘s friends.” Pointing behind himself, “Moncler Jacket Outlet also wolf snow, Mother told her to protect me. “

The crowd behind him but also discovered a small camel with a covered silver wolf. Wolf let everyone think of modesty and noble words. Camels are not afraid of the wolf? Wolves do not eat camel? Unfinished surprised everyone, there ……” The little girl took out a bamboo and from the neck hum whistle blew twice, looked up at the sky with two eagles falling siren said: “There are small and humble little scouring this is dad to get me a friend. “

Two white eagles are not large, but the wings have been exposed between the majesty of the sky overlord. A fall on the camel’s back, but wanted to fall into a wolf head, wolf cry of warning to woo, paw want to flutter, carved child bitterly dancing, still not willing to wait for an opportunity circling the little girl smiles : “Little Amoy, do not tease snow sister, on the bell when the back rest!

Everyone is surprised to see, Moncler Jacket Outlet but also a lot of fun, but also come to understand why the little girl can find them. Zhao broken slave is himself startled, heart badly Suddenly, he looked thin girls side, side asked: “What your mother surnamed surnamed what your dad what’s your name why your mother ordered you to take us out??? desert?

“Oh! Great uncle, Niangqin is Niangqin Yeah! I called cloud song, I have a bit Niangshui Zhao Shushu for her grace, let me lead the way as ye do not go away? Still two days to the desert it! “cloud sitting on the side of the camel song, talking, two feet one swing of a swing. Lush pair of shoes, each trimmed with a vamp longan large pearls. Shu rules moment she fell shoe to wear, the shoe is half-Ta, bare white Xianzu length, as she finishes a swing, among green Luoqun looming.

Yun Song saw teenager at her feet, because they are still innocent age, do not think there is anything I am sorry, actually sweet smile toward the boy, but it is young and precocious teenager, has the personnel to understand, this is no intention to move was smile cloud song, but can not help but turn red face, hastily removed the body, as the rhino sub-age cold indifference faded somewhat.

Zhao broke slaves do not see this little girl is innocent unsolved matter, also agreeable Xiangman know ask Chu Mingtang also asked not to, only to give up. One pair of child‘s name carved touched the past, heart pain is difficult to say, Moncler Jacket Outlet although extremely unlikely to know, you can still faintly cranky is really looking forward to his I surnamed Zhao, Yun Song children, it troubles you lead the way up.”

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Bright golden yellow,moncler outlet  filling in between heaven and earth. Most respected pet earth colors, here is laughter death.
The rolling sand dunes, a line of dozens of people are struggling on the edge of death. The glare of the sun reflecting little white, it is the wreckage of an animal or human bones.
White Dragon heap outside the city of Loulan desert to tornadoes and changing terrain laid famous not familiar Loulan wizard lead the way, almost no chance to live out this piece of desert.
Seven days before their moncler outlet Loulan wizard betrayed them. Use a sudden sandstorm, dropped a bunch of Han disarray.

A pedestrian, martial arts are not physically weak, but in the face of brutal nature, but generally small as ants.

If we laid hold water, they will stay here permanently, it becomes a forest of white skeleton.

Zhao broken slave shook bladders, this is the last few saliva.

He will give bladders holding a twelve-year-old boy, the boy‘s sight and had already burst from his lips swept away, faint, said:. “You drink it a few saliva

Zhao broken slave just to speak, moncler outlet make the sentence juvenile and whispered, “This is my command.”

Only when the teenager was all broken slave relatives Zhao, Zhao took the opportunity to break the bondage of exploration Western experience to bring out something, only Zhao broken slave boy knows what command means.

Zhao broke the bladders slaves back, but did not drink. The bladders do not back waist, only one conviction in mind, he must take the boy out alive desert, that the use of all their blood is water. “You’re out of the desert many times, so many people are most familiar with only the key to your desert, can we live is that you put a drink down, sustain your conscious mind, to find ways to bring us out of the desert, even if we have to die you should also be the last one. “matter of life and death teenager said although the words, the tone was as if the matter concerns.

Seven days in the desert on foot, in hunger, thirst, death, suffering, many people will have already collapsed, face full of dark despair of defeat, but can this twelve-year-old boy, although it has also cracked lips , gaunt, but it is cool look indifferent.

The sun mercilessly Zhengkao earth, Zhengkao their bodies, their lives evaporate bit by bit.

Each one golden sand are dancing the dance of death to welcome them to come.

Zhao at the forefront of breaking slaves stopped suddenly made ​​a gesture, everyone stopped. moncler outlet See Zhao broken slave boy listened look, but also listen attentively.

Ding-dong, ding-dong ……

Ruoyouruowu bells sound.

Surprise a few people cried, Tuoling! Was Tuoling!”

Seen from the front line to be born in the shadow of death, this seems far in the horizon is nothing more soothing sound of bells.

Junior was still looking cool when faced with death, he did not despair, sadness, hope their remaining time, he did not delight excitement, reveals everything nothing to do with indifference.

Zhao broken slave crowd waved their hands quiet, “ringtone quirky, if it is business travel camels should not sound so thin, listening to if only one camel, may have a few people dare to walk through the desert alone? moncler outlet Located in the Western Region, Friends come to be is not necessarily the enemy, be vigilant. “